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Adding a New Field to tickets – osTicket Forums

Adding a New Field to tickets – osTicket Forums.

Adding a New Field to tickets

There have been a lot of questions about how to add a new field to the ticket and rightly so, the more info a user can provide the better. For our purposes we wanted to add a Company field so we knew exactly who we were dealing with.

We added the field successfully and this thread explains the process. As a favor, can someone help us with adding that new field to the “” page?!?! It would be greatly appreciated. We’d like to be able to see Company in that table as a column where you see the ticket id, date, department, priority etc.

To add a new field there are 6 places you have to go to accomplish your goal.

  1. MySQL Database: manually add a field to ost_Ticket
  2. support/include/class.ticket.php
  3. support/include/client/
  4. support/include/client/
  5. include/staff/
  6. include/staff/

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